The history of this practice takes us back in the fourties, when Doctor Fredéric Walther Illi first opened, in 1942, the institute for the study of statics and human body dynamic in Geneva, at avenue de France number 6.

Pioneer of the profession worldwide, Dr. Frédéric Illi invested his life into chiropractics and contributed considerably to the acknowledgment of the discipline, notably at the time of the voting in 1937, in Zurich where Chiropractic was to become a legal medical science by law. Frédéic Illi invested as well a lot of time into research: biomechanics,  the spinal column and pelvis, the locomotor system. We owe him several innovations in the bone radiology field and research human anatomy. Among his innovations, he also sets up the concept of vertebral re-education through the invention of mecanotherapy. Creating automated movements, the latter allows a progressive and efficient re-education of the locomotor system.

Thereafter, the practice moves in 1952 to the boulevard des tranchées - its actual location, and until the nineties will be the center of numerous research within the framework of chiropractics where publications, films and conferences will be realised.

In 1972, the institute is progressively taken over by his son, Doctor Claude Bernard Illi, who carries on the paternal method and work. From 1985, the latter integrates applied kinesiology to the institute chiropractic approach. At the same time, the practice starts a serie of research on the act of "walking" which will be the subject of several movies and different publications. Gradually, the institute enlarges its field of action and consideration. Thus, the reeducation management of patients that went through a rachidian operation became more and more systematic and, in the nineties, a multidisciplinary team of professioals is progressively installed in the practice, offering notably specializations in pediatrics and sportspersons or athletes. Finally, with the possibility of psychotherapeutical and also homeopathic support, the Institute of Chiropractics of Geneva is today a center of specialists offering an overall management of the patient and his health problems.



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