There are numerous pathologies that Chiropractics can take care of. Apart from the functional troubles related to the locomotor system, patients come to us for major troubles: not only instability and tiredness feelings, but also digestive, neurological and sleeping troubles, not forgetting hyperactivity issues among youth as well as nervous breakdowns.

Who's concerned ?


From their first days, babies and children can resort to chiropractors notably because of birth traumatisms or other issues such as tensions or cranial asymetries etc.


A lot of causes can bring a teenager to see a chiropractor: a bad fall, growth issues or postural problems that can appear very soon, hyperactive behaviour etc.


The lack of movement and activity is the first and main cause for consultation.

The elderly

Strenght and movement deficiencies, minor accidents, metabolic troubles.

Pregnant women

Pregnancy pain and the position of the baby.


Injuries, muscular overloads, excess of any kind, malnutrition.



Listening to the patient and its symptoms, followed by a targeted questioning, represents the first and most important step.

It is indeed during this part that affected areas of the body and associated systems are defined. It is also during this first contact that are identified major pathologies which do not come within the competency of chiropractor.

Exam of the patient

The patient examination brings further precisions concerning the nature of the problem : blood pressure exam, general, neurological, orthopedical tests, locomotive evaluation motrice. Complementary exams may be indicated, notably through radiography, scans or MRI, blood and urine tests among others. These can indeed confirm the diagnosis temporarily established.

Diagnosis and treatment proposition

The explanation of diagnosis to the patient is essential as well, as the good understanding of the latter will allow the patient to contribute positively to his healing. Advises and recommendations along with a treatment are then provided.


At the Institute of Chiropractics Geneva, Health professionnals use a wide set of techniques tested in each situation. Here below, you will find a brief explanation for our most used chiropractic methods.

Thompson's technique

Developped by Dr. Clay Thompson, this technique has become a system of analysis and means aiming at the spinal column manipulation. The combination results into a precise manipulation.

Trigger points

The main objective of trigger points is to relieve the pain resulting from muscular hypersensitivity. Trigger points are identified by soft pressures on the skin, thus detecting the texture of the muscle below.

A trigger point is a kind of knot with the size of a pea, deeply buried in muscle tissue. This knot is due to lactic acid secretion, which is a product of muscle activity ; it happens sometimes that this acid doesn't evacuate properly and remains stuck, following a physical, chimical or emotional stress.

Drop piece table

This technique uses a table whose mecanism assists manipulations. Cushions placed along the table hold up each part of the spinal column, up to the neck. Then, each cushion releases gently that way reducing the necessary pressure in order to move the manipulated vertebra.


By creating a serie of automated movements, this technique stimulates and improves a progressive and efficient reeducation of te locomotive system.

Additional therapies

Our studio uses a large set of physical therapies, including ultrasounds, muscle electrotherapy and the cold lazer therapy to complete our new methods.



Following the time of treatment, notably antaligique, more than 90% of people who reach out to chiropractics don't show pain anymore and recover their functionnality as well as their posture.


As chiropractic approach works through the nervous system, it reaches all the other systems in a beneficial way. Regular checks even aside from specific problems, allow a better harmonization in the long term and avoid relapses.

rEhabilitation OF THE LOCOMOTor SYSTEM

Recovery of a correct walk.

A more ergonomic posture.

Functional recovery of patients who went through major surgeries, notably of the back.

Physical reeducation of members.

A better motor coordination, mostly for the elderly.

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